Monday, November 9, 2009

Kolb Essays

Hi there,

I thought I would share a format for a type of essay that is a part of my education.
It's called the Kolb essay, and it goes something like this:

Concrete experience: In this section you would share about the actual experience you had/took part of. River rafting, Team building, sky diving, mourning a loss, etc.

Reflective observation: This is the part where you share what you thought about the experience. Things you noticed, what caught your attention, and so forth.

Abstract Conceptualization: Here you present quotes and paraphrases from books and articles that would support your observations.

Continued learning: Finally you end the paper with how you can see this experience/learning being of some use in other fields.

That's all I know. I think I'm going to start posting all of my blog posts in this type of a format.