Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Adventure Idea (Day Four)

When writing this adventure idea, I thought I'd start with the questions. What do you think?

"The Road through Winter"
How did you get involved with the Black-Eye Caravan?
What were you given to protect the man named Damian who claims to be a wizard?
What is the most dangerous predatory monster known to patrol the road from Greatwall to Redveil?
Who is the one person on the caravan that you care most about?

While escorting Damian expect for the season to be hostile, winter is seldom kind. There is a reward for the carcass of the predatory monster, so treasure seekers be alert. Finally, be sure that your most beloved person will need your protecting along this road.

Some fun things I would expect to include in this adventure are:
-Crossing the frozen Dark Lake with a "wizard" to protect.
-Convincing the wizard to complete the journey despite harsh weather (players don't get paid otherwise).
-Hunting(?) a predatory monster in the snow covered hills of Abalone in the middle of a storm.
-Saving a member of the caravan (the wizard, your beloved, a PC?) who got separated from the rest of the caravan.

Two things:
What do you think of the style in which this adventure was written?
What do you think of the adventure idea itself?

Thanks guys!

Happy hunting!