Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mini Con at the Bunker!

This Saturday, March 29 from 12pm-10pm I'll be attending/GMing at Mini Con at the Bunker in Lakewood. You might want to come down and have some fun!

What is Mini Con, where did it come from, what can I expect?
Mini Con started when I arrived home from Orc Con and had such a good time that I couldn't wait for the next Con, so I started one myself! Since then +Vicente MartinezJr and Morganna from the Long Beach Geeks Meetup and the people at The Bunker in Lakewood have stepped it up to a full scale event. With a smattering of mini-demo games, selling mini-backed goods, and hopefully bringing many gamers together this Con is looking to be big fun.

If you're in the so Cal area come down and play some games! I will be running some of my favorite RPG's including Apocalypse World, Mouse Guard, and possibly some Dungeon World. Other types of games will be there too. I saw a great amount of war gaming, some board games, and maybe some party games will all be there.

So if you have a game that you want to demo, this is the Con for you! See you there!