Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Joe Banner REMIX (Interview)!!!

By popular request, and just out of my own curiosity I present: An Interview with Joe Banner!

We discuss Joe's gaming history, his creation process, and his upcoming projects (you heard it here first!).

Here is all you need to connect with Joe and his products in some way, shape, or form:
His Day Job: JBinc.co.uk
His Creative work: joebanner.co.uk/

I had so much fun talking with Joe that I simply must do this again! If you would like to see a similar interview with someone who's peaked your interest, lets do some name dropping!!!

Off the top of my head +Kasper Brohus Allerslev , +Tim Franzke , and +Damian Jankowski come to mind as people with whom I'd love to do an interview.

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