Friday, September 20, 2013

Adventure Idea (Day One, but kinda late)

The first day of the Adventure a Day series snuck up on me. Here it is, even if it is a little late.

The Cult of Queensbury

The small town of Queensbury wouldn't be on the map were it not for their apple pie. This small town is quaint, welcoming...and dangerous. Ten years ago all manner of threats to the town; monsters, wizards, war, and even weather began to avoid this area like the plague. A cult comprised of the leaders of this community have banded together under the singular purpose of enslaving any threats to their god. Under the town runs a labyrinth filled with the creatures, mad wizards, bottled weather, and sleeping battlefields. There's no harm in a town doing what is needed against threats, is there? That all depends on how loosely you define a threat...
Questions for the players:
-Who is originally from Queensbury, when did you leave? What brought you back?
-One of your mentors has gone missing, who was he and what was his business in Queensbury?
- What did your Order send you to investigate in Queensbury?

+1 if you would like to see this made into a full adventure!

-Happy Hunting!