Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Adventure idea a day?

Hi all,

I was reading +Stephanie Bryant's blog post "The Family that Games Together" found here:
and her reference to the one and five page dungeon got my juices flowing. Add to the juices the fact that I just finished my "Three Nouns" series and am looking for another way to contribute and Walaw! This post was born.

I'm not so awesome as to write an entire adventure in a day, who do you think I am! But I want to get started with something that may lead to and help get me some practice in building adventures.

So here it is: A week of adventure ideas, with at least one cool move, creature, steading, or what not, and with the Dungeon World Ruleset as the system of choice.

The adventure that gets the most comments will be fleshed out and written in full.

What do yall think?

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Happy Hunting!