Saturday, September 28, 2013

Adventure idea (Day six) Quick and Dirty

Hey all,
Here's the quick and dirty adventure idea for today. Quick cause I don't have much time. Dirty,'ll see :)

What have you done that would attract the attention of The Earth Itself?
What was your first experience with Gun-powder?
What part did you play in the invention of the printing press?

Elemental Ambassadors
The rise of the printing press and firearms has placed nature in the mercy of men. Due to this shift, Earth elementals are no longer clobbering brutes. Why else would the planet produce earth elementals that speak, listen, watch, and report. They are the Earthern Ambassadors and you are (or someone from your party is) one of the Humanoids contacted by these strange creatures. The other elements have not produced ambassadors.

Get it? It's dirty cause theres earth elementals...Classic.