Monday, September 30, 2013

Adventure idea (Day Seven!!!)

The Twelfth Patrol
To conclude the adventure week (which took almost two weeks to finish :) lets take a patrol around the local villages.

There is an association amongst 12 villages that have pooled their resources in order to encourage able bodied individuals to step up and protect the lands against the resurgence of The Darkbreed by joining the Patrol. Kalmer Snavel is the chief organizer of the Patrol.

How are you involved with this association?

Who has a family member in one of the villages? How close are you to them? When was the last time you heard from them?

Which one of you has joined the Patrol? What rank have you been given? What did you do to earn that rank?

What disquieting rumors have you heard of Kalmer? What did Kalmer do for you that makes the rumors hard to believe?

In this straightforward adventure expect to fight a monstrous evil amongst the confines of small towns, dilapidated bridges, and harsh rocky terrain. In addition, be ready for the underlying tones of corruption and greed within a good cause.

Happy Hunting!