Sunday, September 8, 2013

Google, and The Internship

This is a game topic only if you consider what Google has done for Tabletop Gaming with features like G+ and Google Hangouts, otherwise it is just me, sharing a fun movie and a fun looking company.

Last night I went and saw The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, with my wife.

We walked towards the cheap theatre (the place you go to see "B" movies after they have left the main theaters) expecting to see another movie. But as I parked the car after letting my wife out to buy the tickets I found our night had taken an unexpected turn. The movie we intended to watch was sold out!

In retrospect, I am so glad that it was! We bought tickets for The Internship and then sat down in the air conditioned room and waited for the movie.

+The Internship was great! Quick, witty, funny. I loved Vaugh and Wilson together, and the writing was enjoyable and kept me engaged.

By the end of a night of laughing and thinking fondly about humanity I was struck by what a cool thing Google had done. It might be that The Internship was merely a commercial for working at Google, currently in the top 10 places to work (fact checkers, get on that). But even so, I felt respected and encouraged by the movie.

I personally believe that commercials should be non-existent or at the very least entertaining. Either we should strip down all the billboards and ban advertisements or refuse to buy products that don't take the effort to be interesting. And since I don't imagine the former happening any time soon, I land in the camp of entertainment.

What I liked about Googles 2 hour long commercial is that it went a step beyond entertainment. They weaved together a story that somehow honored young and old alike and portrayed humanity as something that might have its flaws, but also has its triumphs.

So get a job at Google, see the internship, or at the very least enjoy the people around you.

Happy Hunting,