Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hold and what it adds to the game.

GM: The orc horde rushes towards you Zanzibar still needs time to finish his ritual, if he fails the demonspawn will flow forth from the portal and may very well consume the world. Greshick, you are closest to the orcs, what do you do?

Player: I swing my sword in a long deliberate arch as a challenge. Then I hold my sword in an overhead stance and wait for the orcs to defy me.

GM: Nice.

I read a post on the +Dungeon World Tavern this morning by +Pablo LaFrossia about the defend move and weather it can work on yourself.

This quickly got me thinking about the mechanical benefits and fictional bad-assery of moves with hold.

In my weekly games we use Fate World (see below). And while many of the games have gone very well, and lend themselves to a great amount of adventure, I am beginning realize that moves with hold are not being used in my games. Which is 98% my fault.

So I wanted to go over some quick highlights of these moves to get my juices flowing.
-These moves tend to be proactive. The player is preparing for something. They give you an idea of what the players are excited about. It'd be a shame for you to not challenge their preparation...don't you think?
- They give the players choice. Spend their precious hold, or come up with another means of getting what they want? This creates an "advantage" or flexibility for the player that will keep them engaged in the fiction.
- They are a resource you can take away. Taking hit points can be boring, and there are only so many times you can break the fighters spear before it gets old (believe me, I've tried :), but taking away something like hold is awesome. The reason being: they don't always have hold, therefore it is more valuable.

So there you have it. Check out my hack, and let me know if you have any additional reasons moves with hold should be emphasized.

*Fate World is a hack of Fate Core and Dungeon World that is in the works. You can see it, leave comments, and ask questions here:

Happy Hunting!