Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Three Nouns

I saw a post by +Michael Walsh on the Dungeon World Tavern about posting ten magic items a day. His tenacity inspired me. Though magic items don't seem like they will keep my interest all by their lonesome, and I'm certainly not as ambitious here's what I'm setting out to do:

Three nouns. People, places, or things, every day for the next week, giving us 21 ideas to plant into our campaigns (if we so desire). This will be in addition to my usual ravings and excitement over the things I encounter in life.

So, lets start now and even though it is very early Tuesday morning, we'll count this one towards Monday and end next Monday. Here we go...

The Ugathu: These dangerous goblins breed as fast as insects. They can be likened to an infestation more readily than individual creatures. Like flies, their breeding depends on their feeding. If they have food, then the also have a place to lay their eggs. Just like flies, the Ugathu begin as goblin larva and once they have eaten enough filth (usually dead bodies and/or garbage) they come out of their nasty little cocoons with arms legs and a pension for death and destruction. Despite the most sincere efforts of wizards, druids, and adventurers with good intentions, no one has been able to exterminate this race of goblins. The Rod of Holding has been the most significant breakthrough in the containment of these creatures.

Rod of Holding: This fairly new relic was imbued with a powerful spell by a community of druids. Designed to entrance a certain breed of goblins called the Ugathu, the rod has kept these dangerous little buggers in check for over 20 years. It contains two enchantments. The first is a minor attraction spell which keeps the Ugathu in place, though they are free to roam within a certain mileage from the rod, they begin to feel very uncomfortable if they get near the edges of the rods range. The second spell is the real kicker. It is designed to subdue the hunger of the Ugathu, without which the goblins would breed so rapidly that they would be pushed outside the range of the Rod.

Ja'sun Witwinder: A young man with a knack for telling tales Ja'sun is "destined for greatness." To hear him tell it, all Ja'sun wants is to experience life to it's fullest and to observe true heroics. But anyone who watches this young man carefully can see that he pays very close attention to where everyone keeps their purse, and rumors have begun to spring up that Ja'sun might be nothing more than a common thief. Young man filled with potential or smooth talking threat. I guess you'll have to hire him to find out.