Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Three Nouns (day two)

 Marcos Velner: Marcos is a genius. All he wants is to study and enjoy the world as it is. Unfortunately, the world as it is keeps moving. There are so many people, circumstances, and noises that it's impossible to think. That is why you'll find Marcos tucked away in a library, small room filled with scribbles, or even a dungeon cell mumbling about how it all makes sense. In these places he can think. In these places he can learn.

Lucilles Tavern: You may not remember it, but Lucilles is where you had the best night of your life. Everyone was dancing and beautiful. The air was invigorating, the music lively, and the drinks were non-stop. Oh, forget about that merchant you hoped to meet there, I'm sure you couldn't talk over the ruckus anyway. What's that? Your purse is missing? Well that's unfortunate.

The Shackles the Past: This heavy set of chains almost looks beautiful, if not for their function. They look to be crafted by an expert, the wrist and ankle bands look like they were made for a large human. In truth they were forged by a devious imp who thought that fond memories might become a great weapon. When placed on a victim these shackles begin to remind the wearer of all of their most pleasant memories. At first, it's not so bad, but if left on for too long the wearer develops an acute sense of longing for things that have passed. Without some help, the wearer will begin trying to re-live those experiences and will stop looking toward the future.