Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Adventure idea results!

Here is a brake down of the adventure ideas, the results (in +1's) and the winning idea that will be fleshed out.

Day one: The Cult of Queensbury. Story of town leaders gone amuck. +5

Day two: Death Bond. The story of two unlikely comrades brought to dark ends by death Herself. +5

Day three: Hail to the mail man. The story of an order, its mail, and those who wish to steal it. +12

Day four: The Road through Winter. The story of a caravan on a dangerous road and a contract to fill. +8

Day five: Of Kings and Giants. Mediate a dispute between a king and some huge threats. +6

Day six: Quick and Dirty. What would the Earth itself want with you? +3

Day seven: The Twelfth Patrol. Protect an association of towns from a recent threat. +5

So as you can see from the above results the winner is: Day three: Hail to the Mail Man.

I'll be making a full fledged adventure and share it as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone for their feedback. Namely: +Eric Nieudan+Richard Extall+Andy Standfield+Joe Banner , +Jakub Nowosad , +Craig Judd , +Scott Alvarado , +Ryan Ricks , +Adrian Brooks.

Standby for a fun adventure of mail and mystery :)