Sunday, November 10, 2013

Best opener ever.

I'd heard of people starting a game with the characters in a bar or tavern. I'd heard of games where at the outset everybody is in a lot of trouble from some obvious threat. But never before had I heard of starting a game by describing a ritual circle with one of the characters at an alter in the middle having just sacrificed a woman and watching her soul release into the next world...
That is until I played a game yesterday night with +Keller Giacomarro as the GM.

To say that I was gripped would be an understatement! Add on the fact that he followed it up with an astounding question and we had the makings of a great game.

After describing the scene and what had just happened he addressed the player who's character had just killed this woman and just so happened to be a Dark Gate Mage  and said "who was she?"

The player responded by saying,"Oswald's sister."

Seeing as how I was playing a character named Oswald, I was flummoxed!

But then mister Giacomarro brought it a step further and asked "Oswald, how do you feel about this?"

How do I feel about one character killing my character's sister!!!???

As you might imagine, all manner of profanities and curses came to mind. But then I thought "that would be expected. I'm going to do something unexpected."

So then I told Keller that I was glad that the other player did it. "She was possessed, at least now she gets to rest in peace."

And the story went from there.

I had a great time and I thank +Keller Giacomarro+Gian Holland+James Etheridge , and +Damian Jankowski for the great experience!