Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New/Easy/Fun Game Prep

Here's what I've been using for game prep in Dungeon World, but I think it might work for just about any system.

How I use it:
I place a title/theme for the session in the top cell. 

Then I come up with three "Did they..." questions, each related to a different front and place them in the largest cells. Then I copy and paste the fronts type of danger (ambitious org, arcane enemy, ect) subtype (misguided good, thieves guild, ect) and instinct from the book. "Did they" questions are simple questions that would be hard to miss, like "Did they kill the dragon,""did they enter the hall of wonders," or "Did they Eat at the Broken Fang Tavern?"

I place yes in the left cell below the large cell and ask a follow up "did they" question. I do the same for no's on the right side.

I repeat this process one more time and then I just answer yes or no for the third set of questions.

At the beginning of the game I make a "soft move" for each of the three fronts by giving the players some indication of what is happening in the world around them.

As the game progresses, if the characters definitively do or refuse to do one of the "do they" questions then I highlight the question and the result and start to move the scenes towards the next question, again by making a soft move.

I've had very positive results from this style of prep. It doesn't have to take very long at all, the players feel a great sense of freedom, like things are moving and changing around them, and I'm able to keep record of what happened in the game.

Here's a filled out sheet. I removed "Did they" from all of the questions because they all start that way and I needed the text space.

Good luck and have fun!