Sunday, September 15, 2013

A break and a fun idea/offer

I am taking a break from my Three Nouns series (I'll still have them posted by the end of the day) and am taking a moment to share a cool idea and something I'd like to offer.

+Carl Gerriets created the Character Creation Draft and I think it is amazing. Dungeon World has some amazing features but the least appealing to me is that fact that when you play "The Fighter" or any other class more than once they are essentially the same character with the same abilities. What the Draft does is eliminate that problem by allowing you to pick up different moves from different classes and name your new class.

I can't share the link here but if you type "Adventuring Company" into the search box of the Dungeon World Tavern G+ Community you should be able to find it. :)

Here's the offer. Post a picture here of a hero for which you would like to have a playable character sheet and I'll make the character using the draft system. I'll post the link to the doc and give a short breakdown of the character.

Happy Hunting!