Saturday, September 14, 2013

Three Nouns (day five)

Last night I went on a character creation stint, so I thought I'd introduce these three characters as my three nouns for today. Each of these is a fully payable character in +Dungeon World, provided your DM doesn't require core classes. Macavel is the only core class character. I have character sheets in the form of Google docs under each description

Macavel: A battlemage through and through. While Macavel or "Mac" has the capability to draw up powerful rituals he prefers to spend his time getting right into the conflict. He weaves his spells and exceptional strength into a dangerous offensive weapon.

Anastacio: Halflings are normally enjoyable, but very few of them are leaders of people. Anastacio is one of those few. While working as an adventurer in a party he is direct, clear, and effective. When he plays, he makes sure everyone is having a great time and has a tendency to give out nicknames due to party exploits.

Dothomar: Tall for a dwarf, Dothomar is sometimes confused for a human. He was enslaved and put into the fighting pit. After long years of blood and violence Dothomar was freed by a "Wealthy kind soul" who saw that Dothomar took no pleasure in killing. Since being freed Dothomar has taken to the life of a miner, but sometimes his background comes in very handy and he would do anything to protect the little town he calls home.

Here's a pic I made of the characters as a group. I'm no editor, but this was fun to make.

I was unable to find the original artists names for these picture. Sorry.