Sunday, September 15, 2013

Three Nouns (Day Six)

So coming up with short descriptions for pictures has become a new favorite hobby of mine :) Here's a couple I found today:

Path of Forgiveness:
Artist: Four Heavenly Kings
Long ago an ancient evil known as The Destroyer was unleashed upon the world due to the arrogance and naiveté of the civilized races. The people closest to the portal were a peaceful tribe of elves known as the Elishani. No race, beast, or monster had ever dared to kill an Elishani because they were too beautiful and their intentions too pure. When The Destroyer walked through the tribe he slaughtered everything that drew breath. After The Destroyer was vanquished the people of the world set representatives to walk what was called "The Path of Forgivness." These representatives placed walked, wept, placed tombstones covered with sacred runes, and came back changed. Each representative lived a long and sorrowful life, no blade was drawn against them, and they refused to draw blood. Today people seek "The Path" in hopes to live longer, prepare themselves for hostile territory, and contemplate their purpose in life. But few ever find The Path.

Barristan's Hall:

Artist: whatyoumaydo
To many, it is unclear wether Barristan's Hall is a real location or an allegory for some heavenly afterlife. Though it is not so grand as the Hall of Kings, to be invited to Baristan's Hall is to be honored. Only the most noble of knights and servants of the king are invited here to tell tale of their exploits. With hot food, the smell of roast, and the taste of mead this room invites trust and companionship. Here the king asks you to call him by his first name and he calls you by yours. So much pride and honor is tempered by the house cat pawing at your food, and the mongrel laying on your foot. "Welcome to Barritan's Hall soldier, we've heard of your deeds. Take a seat and know that you have done well."


"Beware woodcutter. You think you can hack down the forest and there won't be any consequences? You think the forrest is all light and squirrels and birds? What if you are wrong? What if the forrest is a fickle and hatful woman who can't wait for someone to fall in her trap? What if you are wrong?"
The Darkseed are a breed of evil dryads that spring from trees that have been cut down. They can see in all directions, eat by sucking blood through their long fingers and tentacle mouths, and they are without mercy.