Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Three Nouns (Day Seven)

The conclusion of the three nouns series. It's been epic. It's been amazing. Let's be honest: It might have changed the course of history. 
We finish up with a few "things" that could add some flavor if dropped into your game.

The slippers of Drazul: These seem to be fashioned from rabbit fur and are incredibly comfortable. By borrowing magic from The Void these unique footwear make the wearer almost completely undetectable. If you are having a conversation with the wearer or the wearer is actively trying to be seen by you then you can see hear and smell the individual without effort. Otherwise, it is almost as if the wearer does not exist. Nobody is quite sure what happened to Drazul. The Void id a tricky thing to mess with.

Crown of the Minotaur Kings: The Minotaur civilizations were all but destroyed in the Mad-Kings efforts to protect his realm from the "monster blight," but there are a few of them still out there. What's more, there is still evidence of what they had attained. The Crown of the Minotaur Kings is a heavy link of steel decorated with jade, opal, diamonds and a symbol of a compass, an axe, and a hammer. Few humans can don the massive piece of metal but those who do find one of three boons granted to them, though no-one has figured out why each boon presents itself. First, the wearer my find that they cannot lose their way, they always no wear North is and they get a sickening feeling if they move in a way that will not get them where they want to go. Second, the wearer might find that nothing pleases them more than combat now. In addition, they are not even phased if they run their head into another, while the other is often knocked back several feet. Finally, they may find that they have become annoyed with inconsistencies in things they create and their attention to detail has increased to a maddening degree in regards to anything they create with their own hands.

The Hand Axe of Boshen'rahl: Bosh was a dwarven sorcerer who found comfort in the icy cliffs of Cahluzen. Despised by his clansmen and driven to distrust humanity Bosh became a hermit in the ice. Sightings of Bosh seem to indicate that he was capable of traversing the cold wilds with little more than his axe. This has led scholars to believe that the axe grants little advantage in combat but otherwise makes the wielder capable of living for long periods without food so long as they are in very cold weather, the wielder is resistant to the cold, and can scale walls of ice as if there were always a handhold available. The whereabouts of this artifact is anybodies guess...but I would start in the ice, and try to find the coldest loneliest spot.

Happy Hunting,