Friday, September 13, 2013

Three Nouns (Day Four)

The Terran: A sub-race of earth elementals. When humanity started to form the world with invention and magic the earth had to produce a new type of guardian. While earth elementals are given the purpose to protect the foundations of the earth at all costs, the Terran are given the purpose of ambassadors to the humanoid races. Weather good or evil they feel an acute sense of loss anytime a humanoid must die or the earth is desecrated due to a lack of understanding.

Dunken the Trader: Dunken is a portly man with huge side burns and a bald head. He is jovial and lighthearted in all things but negotiation. When Dunken gets a chance to haggle over anything within his expertise he becomes sharp as a whip and just as quick. He has often sat at a negotiation table with the other side of the table begging him to make it stop. Outside of business Dunken is pleasant enough, but just pray you never find yourself on the wrong side of deal with Dunken at the other end of the table.

The table of Mishka: This old beaten down and warn smooth table made of what looks like unfinished tree branches and a tablet of stone was owned by Mishka the fortune teller. The table granted her additional power and she was know to never be wrong when it came to a fortune, though the interpretation of the fortune would be hazy. This table counts as a place of power and is portable, but just barely.