Thursday, September 12, 2013

Three Nouns (Day three)

Had a bit of a "Dreaded Forest" kick going this morning.

The Forest of Eberoth: The center of the forrest is a massive graveyard once used by an ancient civilization. No one knows weather the civilization was wiped out by plague, war, or cataclysm, but they all agree that this civilization was angry that it did not receive any help. Now there are only rumors. Rumors that say people enter but never return from the forrest. There are some who say that Eberoth is haunted. They say that the trees are moving outward, consuming towns and villages. They say that a plague of drowsiness moves before the trees on their endless march. But no one is fooled, they are just trees. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a short nap...

Eberoth Tree: These knotted and dark trees with their gangly limbs and surface breaking roots, carry a sense of foreboding. As trees, they are very tough and quite strong. No one has ever seen them move, or at least, if they have, they haven't lived to tell about it. Rangers say they have gone looking for missing hunters and trappers only to find blood all over the trunks and limbs of these trees and shreds of clothing in their branches. "As comforting as an Eberoth Tree" is said about people in the kingdom, and it is not a compliment.

Fire stick: This wand is the size of a quill and just as light. Though it feels very flimsy it is in fact quite formidable. Created by a wizard intent on using his powers to become "better than any ranger" its intended purpose is to produce a finger sized flame that can be used for light in a dark room or to start a campfire. It burns away slowly at the life force of the user so the creator realized it might have been easier just to learn how to make a fire. For now it sits on a bookshelf somewhere